Innovation Will Create Great Benefit for All

As a candidate for Mayor, I am proposing that that the City of Tallahassee create a new Office of Civic Innovation. My aim will be to present this concept to the new City Commission after the upcoming election. This new office will have the opportunity to become a place where bold ideas are championed throughout city government.

Tallahassee would not be alone in this effort as many cities have created such offices to search out ways local government can be more efficient, environmentally friendly, creative, and nimble in how they respond to rapidly changing technologies. I believe such an office can not only advance the interests of the community, but also save taxpayers money.

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Acting for Our Children, Changing Our Future

I want citizens to be able to climb the ladder of success in Tallahassee. That begins by prioritizing that our children have the resources to learn, grow, and thrive as they develop into adults. When I began the push for the Children’s Services Council I did so with hope and belief that we can break Tallahassee’s cycle of poverty in our time. My priority as Mayor will be to focus our efforts on Children and the environments they live and learn in. If we can change those realities, we can change lives and it will be those lives that go on to change our city in the future.

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